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Warranty For Watches

Your Pearl Essence Ltd watch is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against any defects in materials or constructions. The guarantee is only valid if the form at the back of this leaflet is completed as the time of purchase.
The terms of this guarantee provide rights which are in addition to your statutory rights and do not limit or otherwise affect those statutory rights.


IMPORTANT – Not covered by guarantee.


  • 1. Batteries, strap, bracelets and watch glasses.
  • 2. Damage or breakage cause from accident, maltreatment or mishandling.
  • 3. Water penetration, except in watches marked as water resistant.
  • 4. Tarnishing of watch bracelet or cases.






The batteries should be replaced about every eighteen months. Battery replacement requires the use of specialist tools and should only be carried out by an approved stockiest or specialist repairer.
IMPORTANT – do not attempt to replace the battery yourself as this invalidates your guarantee.




Your watch will not withstand extreme shocks or vibration. It is sensible to remove your watch before commencing rough work or situations where the watch could be damaged.




Take care to avoid bending the bracelet beyond the normal curvature of the wrist. It is recommended the watch be kept in presentation box when not in use. Avoid placing the watch under heavy objects or loose in handing.




It is not necessary to register this guarantee with us. Please ensure it is completed at the point and time of purchase and kept in a safe place. Return guarantee with the watch if guarantee service is required during the first 12 months of ownership. Free guaranteed service will only be provided if your watch is returned directly to Pearl Essence Ltd.


Upon return please ensure your watch is well protected and securely packed. We recommend that it is sent by registered post or recorded delivery. After the expiry of this guarantee Pearl Essence Ltd. Will be pleased to quote for routine maintenance, oiling or repair of your watch by our factory trained staff of expects. Please indicate the nature of service/repair when returning your watch.

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